2021- /// Ph.D. in Urban Studies, CICS.NOVA, NOVA FCSH ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This is one of my current projects, part of my Ph.D. research. Since 2021, I have been conducting an ethnography with women rappers from the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Sao Paulo, thinking with them about the epistemological dimension of urban life and its effects on the creation of territories. In this approach, I understand rapping in its poetic complexity, which means I recognize its ability to produce theories, analyses, imaginations, and interpretations about different aspects of urban life. This research is situated at the crossroads of Anthropology, Urban Studies, and Hip Hop Studies.
related publications
photo essays
Ethnography led me to discover my passion for photography. Below I present a selection of two photo essays related to my current research.
Creole Rap Scene in Lisbon Metropolitan Area (2022-2023)
HIP-HOP Scene in São PAULO Metropolitan Area (2023)

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