corpo político, corpo sensível.
2016-2017 /// APRAÇA Collective* & FFLUXOS  (São Paulo, Brasil)
The Corpo Político, Corpo Sensível [Political Body, Sensitive Body] project traced a path through practices in transit between art and politics. In this entanglement of languages, where it was impossible to define borders, politics has become a subjective and bodily experience. The project was idealized and co-organized by APRAÇA Collective (which I was part of) and FFLUXOS. It was funded by the São Paulo City Hall through the Redes e Ruas public notice (2016).
We occupy the Ouvidor Pacheco e Silva Square, at the center of São Paulo, in a performative and aesthetic way, planting seeds of imagined worlds. With each activity, we explored this space from different perspectives and bodies.
How to be a woman in the public space? In this process, we reaffirm the impossibility of a single answer to such a question but infinite possibilities that emerge from multiple ways of doing and dealing with the visible and invisible oppressions of the city.
During the project, we recognized our bodies and experiences. We created escape lines, accumulated and exchanged tactics, reinforcing and feeding that stock, always under construction, of micropolitics inscribed in the everyday dimension of our lives. The woman's body is political.
This shared experience produced a collective mapping, a graphic scheme that opened up to other geographies and representations of space. Critical, political, and sensitive cartography starts from an investigation of our own experiences in the city.
A counter-cartography capable of exposing sensitively and poetically the marks of violence hidden in the loopholes of the urban space. It assumed a metonymic function: representing the urban fabric of São Paulo.
This mapping fed by the cities inscribed on our bodies was a way to claim our right to make the city. In sum, the right to the city.
APRAÇA was an art-activist collective formed by me and my dear friend Larissa Molina. It was active between 2015 and 2017. In this period, we idealized, organized, and produced considerable projects discussing different aspects of urban life. APRAÇA led us to discover ourselves as artists, multifaceted researchers, and badass creative producers. During these years, we also have the opportunity to work and create with multiple talented artists/activists and inspiring collectives.

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