hip hop as education.
2016-2017 /// i m a r g e m*  (São Paulo, Brasil)
Hip Hop É Educação [Hip Hop As Education] emerged from experimentations of the Imargem Movement with the Hip Hop Culture, especially the scene from Grajaú, in the extreme south of São Paulo. The project provokes artistic interventions in the educational environments through a playful-pedagogical laboratory where the Hip Hop Culture triggers everybody to learn more about themselves, the world, and the knowledge taught at (and outside) school.
The five elements of Hip Hop Culture - rap, break, DJ, graffiti, and knowledge - are transformed into experiences that happen simultaneously and create a temporary-creative space that blends organically with existing public school structures. No one leaves the same way they entered the school: artists, teachers, staff, and students.
The Imargem Movement delved in 2006, in Grajaú, a district in the extreme south of São Paulo, as a multidisciplinary initiative to think and act in the city from its margins and peripheries. Between 2016 and 2018, I was part of the movement as a photographer and creative producer. Imargem is still active, and I appreciate all the learnings and friendships that perdure nowadays.

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