the hip-hop 
art residency.
2022 /// ArtCitizenship Project  (Lisbon, Portugal)
The Hip-Hop Art Residency was part of the project ArtCitizenship, in which I have worked as a researcher. I idealized and co-organized it with the rapper G Fema and the rapper/graffiti writer Samantha Muleca XIII. Also part of the art residency, as guest artists, were the writer Moami, the pixadora Kel Pastore, the producer Trafulha, and the rapper Lays G. During two days, we shared experiences and created a temporary learning space. The creative process was triggered by co-creating a dissident map of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, which revealed crossroads in the urban trajectories and experiences of the artists. Based on that, we identified common themes to develop rap music, graffiti piece, and a zine.
G Fema (@kell_fema)
Lays G (@lays___g)
Muleca XIII (@muleca13)
Trafulha (@trafulhice)
Graffiti Mural
Kel Pastore (@kelpastore)
Moami (@moami31)
PICS and zine
Gabs Leal (@gabs_leal)​​​​​​​

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